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QueenGeorge is the alter-ego of a stranded Southern lady named Sharon.  Sharon has been, done, and seen a lot of things in her not-quite-thirty years, and she has begun to worry about her identity.  She has begun to worry that she is trying to be too many people, none of them perfect.  She has begun to worry that, as Virginia Woolf says, if she does not “nail these impressions to the board and out of the many [women] in [her] make one; exist here and now and not in streaks and patches” that she “shall fall like snow and be wasted.“*

And so George and Sharon made a deal – that when Sharon feels broken or uneasy, as though she is “streaks and patches” rather than a whole and breathing person, George might take over and vent her frustrations.  She will record and present all of the thoughts that fly through Sharon’s head and knock against her skull.  She will take a stand, will cry aloud and fight with tooth and claw.  She will laugh hartily and curse like a sailor.  And she will never ever mention to Sharon that really the two have always been the same, that she has been there all along.

She will be, out loud, the woman that Sharon has always been, secretly.

*From Virginia Woolf’s The Waves.  A fantastic book, for those interested in Modernism.  Or awesome women writers.

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