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MaryBullstonecraft is a philosopher by training, which is probably where she gets her charming blend of bitchitude, goofiness and neuroses.  She has had latent feminist tendencies since learning in childhood that she wasn’t allowed to be a “Papa,” a preacher, or John Madden when she grew up.  Later in life, Mary threw herself into her philosophy studies, but soon wearied of class discussions dominated by young white men who dismissed her questions about sexism as irrelevant.  She ran screaming into the arms of her campus Women’s Studies Group, cut off all her hair, and plunged headlong into feminism, from which she has never looked back.

Later, she traveled the world, met new people who taught her invaluable lessons about her own privilege, and made it her mission to think carefully about oppression(s), her role in it/them, and what it might mean to resist various forms of unjust power.  She is currently an academic by trade, and is thus concerned both with criticizing the reiteration of oppressive patterns of interaction within the Academy, and with finding ways to use her position as an academic to subvert gender, racial, sexual and class-based oppression.  She also fights an ongoing internal battle with writing too much.

Mary’s name is an allusion to the 18th century feminist philosopher, Mary Wollstonecraft, who advocated for (bourgeois) women’s education.  MaryBullstonecraft admires Mary W’s pioneering work, but sincerely hopes to do a better job than she did calling bullshit on racist, classist and homophobic practices and attitudes.

When not writing angry feminist prose, MaryBullstonecraft loves cooking (almost as much as eating), sports, fashion, hanging out with her dog and her partner, and volunteering.  She believes that most good things in her life have come from her relationships with her women friends, and wants them all to know she loves them very much.

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