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We welcome and appreciate comments from our engaged readers, and are totally psyched about the great conversations that comments on Hysteria! can and do spark.  That said, there are some general guidelines to make this experience enjoyable and helpful for everyone: All new users must have their comments approved by a moderator.  We don’t approve comments that exhibit any of the following forms of assholery:

  • Blatant sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, fatphobia, or hate.  These are not up for discussion.
  • Harassment of us or any other commenter
  • Intentional derailments of the conversation
  • Spam
  • Anything else that happens to piss us off

If you exhibit such assholery repeatedly, we will ban you.  If you complain about your First Amendment rights, we will direct you to a copy of the actual First Amendment, note that it has no bearing on private blogs, and remind you that not everyone on the internet is American or gives a shit about your First Amendment anyway.

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