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Troll Take-Down: Self-Aggrandizing Troll Edition

April 25, 2010

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Oh, you guys, what I have to tell you is hilarious.  So hilarious, in fact, that I actually got up from my comfy bed at 2:30 a.m. and pushed pause on my Season One DVD of The Wire in order to walk over to my computer and write about it.

On Saturday (which is now technically yesterday), I wrote a post about the controversy over the Layne Bryant Cacique ad that ABC (and, apparently, FOX) refused to air.  In the post, I made mention of some YouTube parodies of the commercial.  Specifically what I said was that

it took me freaking FOREVAR to find an untouched version of this ad, because douchebags everywhere are posting their own “edits” of the ad to make it stupid and fat-hating!  For example, in one oh-so-clever “edit,” the text message that in the original reads “Lunch with Dan” is altered to read “The McRib is BACK!”  Big ladies like to eat!  Har har!  People on the internet are totes hilarious!

So basically, I called the parody an instance of fat-hating and suggested that the people who made it are douchebags.  Then, just a few minutes ago, we got a comment on the post from the creators of the parody itself, asking us to give them a shout-out.

How about a nod to [site whose name I’m not going to mention because I don’t want to give them the link], the blog that made the McRib spoof and broke the CNN mishap story? Here’s a link.

[actual link edited out because I do not give links directly to douchebags]

Also, we love women of all sizes. And hate heteronormativity, whatever the f*ck that is.

Edward Genny
[repeat of link to site I’m not going to link to because I’m a Bitch like that]

I’m choosing not to approve the comment on the original post, but rather to give you the text, in its (slightly bitchily edited) entirety, as a part of this post.  So that I can have more room to make fun of the hilarious ignorance of this commenter.    He had the NERVE to ask me to link to his blog after basically proving that he either didn’t read or didn’t understand (heteronormativity is such a big word, har har) my original post.

As soon as I received this oh-so-respectful and not at ALL self-aggrandizing comment, I headed over to Mr. Genny’s site.  It turns out that, shockingly, his claim to “love women of all sizes” is completely untrue.  I bet you’re surprised, right?  Oh, you’re not?  Yeah, neither was I.  As I said in my original post, there’s no way to read the McRib edit as anything but insulting, UNLESS it had been created by a Fat-Acceptance Feminist for a strictly feminist audience, as a means of pointing out that eating a McRib could, technically, be sexy.  As is apparent from Mr. Genny’s original post about the edit, it’s clear that that was NOT his intention.  His intention was to be fat-hating and fat-phobic.  He says on his blog:

Plus-sized bloggers around the country are furiously flogging their crumb littered keyboards about the supposed network censorship of a racy Lane Bryant ad. The larger-ladies-clothing manufacturer claims that FOX and ABC restricted the ad’s airtime and demanded re-edits. Lane Bryant has pulled the ad, now hosting the video on their extremely pink YouTube channel.

All the bold print is emphasis mine.  I’m assuming I don’t really even need to break down for you why this is awful – particularly the part about the “crumb-littered keyboards.”  He then goes on to try to proclaim his love for plus-sized women in the media, while simultaneously exhibiting complete ignorance of the FA mission AND the purpose of the LB commercial:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for healthier physiques in the media and she really looks great. But did they have to use this as the model’s calendar reminder: [shows screenshot of the model’s phone in the commercial with the text reminder “Meet Dan for Lunch”].

Of course. The BBW gets interrupted from her well-deserved narcissistic body worship by a reminder to go stuff her face. Why not just take it all the way, Lane Bryant? Here, I’ll do it for you: [shows screenshot of his own edit of the ad, the model’s phone this time reminding her that “McRib is Back!”]

Again, do I need to explain why this is fat-hating and asinine?  In my original post I pointed out that part of the difference between Graham (the LB model) and the models in Victoria’s Secret ads is that Graham appears to be acting/dressing sexily for her own pleasure, whereas VS models tend to look as though they are performing directly for the male gaze of the camera.  Mr. Genny kind of proves my point when he calls Graham’s performance “narcissistic body worship.”  He does say that it’s “well-deserved,” but somehow that doesn’t seem to make the whole “narcissistic” point sound any less horrible.  Basically, she’s performing for herself rather than for him.  If a woman loves her own body and seeks her own pleasure, that’s narcissism, ladies!

Also, I didn’t at all read the “meet Dan for lunch” text as LB’s way of saying “Fat ladies like to eat lunch! LOL!”  Instead, I read it as a pointed suggestion that “this sexy lady has a date with her boyfriend,” something that is often denied to women larger than a size 2 on American TV.  While I don’t think a boyfriend (heteronormativity!) should at all be deemed necessary for self-fulfillment, I do understand why LB would put the text in the ad.  Because much of America still pretends that fat=unlovable.  LB is attempting to combat that image.

As a fat-phobic person, however, Mr. Genny immediately reads the text and thinks, “But she’s FAT!  They shouldn’t point out that she HAS LUNCH!  That she EATS!   How horrible, to point out that a fat person eats!”  If the model were “thin” (sorry, but I really have trouble labeling Graham as not thin, but that’s a topic for another post), a text about lunch wouldn’t set Mr. Genny’s hackles on end.  But he’s not the one who’s freaked out by fatness.  No!  He’s all for “healthier physiques” on TV.  I have to wonder what his definition of “healthy” is, though.  Don’t you?

When he mentions the “CNN Mishap Story,” Genny is referencing a CNN broadcast that, during a story about the LB ad, accidentally showed a clip of Genny’s retouched McRib version rather than the original.  He apparently is extremely proud of this fact.  But why he thinks I ought to be aware of it, as though it is breaking news, is beyond me.  I will, however, say that whoever screwed up at CNN and included the retouched version is likely fairly fat-phobic too: either they didn’t realize they were showing  a parody ad (meaning they actually thought the text was an acceptable “joke” to have in an advertisement about plus-sized clothes) or they KNEW it was a parody and just wanted to see if they could sneak it through for a laugh.  Either way, pretty rotten all around.

So, Mr. Genny, no blog traffic for you from me.  No blog traffic for douchebags.  This bitch just doesn’t roll that way.

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  1. marybullstonecraft permalink*
    April 25, 2010 8:28 am


    Also, I just want to say that I currently have crumbs on my keyboard. Because I *gasp* sometimes eat things (!) while I am working, and also I am kind of a slob (but I plan to clean them up later, I promise!). Does this mean that I am fat (and thus also hilarious)? Will someone PLEASE make a parody of me sitting at my crumb-littered computer and thinking about eating things???!

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