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Hey! We got a shout-out!

April 4, 2010

This image is unrelated to the post. I just really like

Hysteria! has gotten its first offical blog shout-out!  Our post on the Myth of the Decent Guy is linked atabyss2hope’s April 1 Carnival Against Sexual Violence.  For those not familiar with the Carnival, it’s a roundup of recent posts attacking all aspects of sexual violence and rape culture, from creative pieces and personal narratives to research-based studies and legal pieces.  I’m still pouring through the great links provided at the most recent carnival; reading through them gives me a sense that I’m participating in a strong and willful community – one that CAN fight back against the horrors of rape culture. I’m grateful to Marcella Chester for including us.  Also, thanks to whichever reader(s) nominated us for inclusion!  (The same post has also been listed over at Reddit, apparently, so somebody out there is disseminating our articles!  Thanks, y’all!)

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